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Dr May’s Photograph Albums               

Many of the Photographs in Dr May’s Albums are reproduced in
“Irish Wolfhound Pedigrees 1859 - 1906”  by Capt. G Graham
Or in

“Some Great Irish Greyhounds and Wolfdogs from the Past”
These photographs are not reproduced here as both publications are available from
The Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland.
Details on Club website: 

Champion Dhulart  1885 Graham's Pedigrees No. 58

Old Donagh, 1862, details No. 6 in Graham's Pedigree Book

Folder marked Sheila 1 (top) & Sheila 2
Perhaps they are Shillelagh 1 (1888) No. 94 Graham's Pedigrees &
Shillelagh 11 (1892) No 181 Graham's Pedigrees


Brian 11 (1893) Graham's Pedigrees No. 186

Note on back: O'Briens dogs

Tyrconnel 1903 See Graham's Pedigrees No. 474

Steyning Wolf 1903

Mr Hall's Ch GARATH (1903)
No. 546 Graham's Pedigrees

Ch Felixstowe Gweebara dob 12.5.1909

Felixstowe Gweebara (1909) data on back of photo

Card to John Baily 1913

Back of card to John Baily

Postcard to John Baily

Back of Postcard to John Baily

No details on Photo.
Thought to be Mr E Everett, UK,  Felixstowe Irish Wolfhounds


Achusla of Ouborough 1920

Back of Achusla of Ouborough

Dusronnal Mil Chu (1922)

Dusronnal Mil Chu data on back of photo

Int. (Ir.UK.) Ch. Sulhamstead Thelma Dob 27.08.1923
Sire: Comberford Mick.        Dam: Caragh
Thelma was the first Irish Champion Irish Wolfhound
 Our Irish Kennel Club was founded in 1922,
previous shows were held under jurisdiction of English Kennel Club.

Int. (Ir.UK.) Ch. Finbarr Boroimhe (1925)
Sire: UK Ch Patrick of Ifold.           Dam: Jilldon
It has been suggested that Finbarr was the model for Irish sixpence.

Int. (Ir.UK) Ch. Connemara of Ouborough (1929)
        Sire:  Chulainn Connacht   Dam:  Malvina of Ouborough

Michael of Malahide (1928)
Sire: Chulainn Hannibal      Dam: Felixstowe Shournagh

Duke of Raikeshill (1929)

UK Ch Cloghran of Ouborough (1929)
Sire: Chulainn Connacht       Dam: Iduna of Hindhead

UK Ch Patrick of Ifold: (Wyke Mark Dan O'Hagarty x Deirdre of Ifold) and his son;
Int Ch Finbarr Boroimhe

Sheilagh of Fingal (1930) Litter sister to Paddy of Swords - below
Sire: Ch. Finbarr Boroimhe     Dam: Bournstream Glorianna

Patrick of Swords (1930) Litter brother to Sheilagh of Fingal - above
Sire: Ch. Finbarr Boroimhe      Dam: Bournstream Glorianna

Kitty of Fingal
Sire: Ch Finbarr Boroimhe     Dam: Bournstrean Glorianna)

Sheila O'Flynn (1930s)

Back Shiela (Shiela) O'Flynn photo

Sheila O'Flynn & Nora of Ballek April 1935

Data on back Sheila & Nora photo


Nora of Ballek April 1935

Bran of Anglish 1935
Sire:  Ch Lindley Sinner     Dam:   Bournstream Glorianna

Finn-Ma-Coul with The Hon. Lady Charlotte Muskerry
Springfield Castle, Co Limerick (no date)

Back photo Finn-Ma-Coul with the Hon. Lay Charlotte Muskerry Springfield Castle, Co Limerick

Mrs A Lait with Lindley Sinner & Mweelin of the Fianna (mid 1930s)

Card from Delphis Gardner (Coolafin) to Dr May posted 1.6.1938

Mrs Rank & Hounds 1939 (Ouborough)

US Ch Inverdale Dawn (dob 1937)
Sire:  Ch. Sulhamstead Dan of Ambleside     Dam:   Inverdale Darkie

Back  photo US Ch Inverdale Dawn


Ch Deirdre of Ballytobin (dob 1944)
Sire:  Ossian of Glennan     Dam:   Maida of Ireland

Kitty of Ballytobin (dob 1947)

Back photo Kitty of Ballytobin

US Ch Killary of Ambleside (dob 1943)

US Ch Patrick of Ballytobin at IKC show (dob 1949)
Sire:  Ir/UK Ch Moloney of Boroughbury      Dam:    Deirdre of Ballytobin

Ch Donegan of Ballykelly (dob 1951)
Sire:  Sean of Corfechase  Dam:   Bridget of Boroughbury



Hand-made card from Phyllis Gardner sent to Dr May
Phyllis, and her sister Delphis, cut the wood engravings themselves.

Int Ch (Ir+US) Ch Sheelagh of Ballytobin (dob 1951)
Sire:  Sean of Corfechase    Dam:  Kitty of Ballytobin

Dr May's 'Ballytobin' hounds
(No date or names on photo)

Miss Seale's Ch Boreen, Ch Brannigan & Ch An Tostal - all of Ballykelly
Ch Boreen (Int Ch Artel Ballykelly Sandy x Bridget of Boroughbury) dob 1950
 Ch Brannigan (as Boreen) dob 1951
Ch An Tostal (Ch Brannigan of Ballykelly x Patricia of Boroughbury) dob 1953

Joe of Ballytobin born 1953
Sire:  Dh Donegan of Ballykelly   Dam:  Kitty of Ballytobin
 & Deirdre of Dunamaise born 1957
 Sire:  Ch Brannigan of Ballykelly    Dam:  Brenda of Ballygran

Emer of Ballytobin at 7 mths (born 1955)
Sire:  Joe of Ballytobin    Dam:   Cilldara Macushla 

This lovely head shot is not identified.
It may be Emer of Ballytobin.

Card from Sheelagh Seale to Dr May.
Ch Diarmuid of Dunamaise (dob 1957)
Sire:  Ch Brannigan of Ballykelly     Dam:  Brenda of Ballygran

Mr Kelly, Carrickmines Irish Wolfhounds & Warren Queen (dob 1966)